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Tell me a little about yourself.

My name is Jay Laden. I was born on January 31st 1997. Born in
Queens, and was raised in Inwood, Long Island. I moved to
Easton, PA in 2013. I love music. I started writing poetry in
elementary school and that later evolved into music. However it
wasn't until I was 18 years old that I wrote my first single 

“Everyday”. After reflecting on some things I’ve went through and
seeing some of my friends go through the same things I decided
to write my next biggest single “Dear Ex”. I dropped “Dear Ex” in
the summer of 2016 and it seemed to have brought me even more
on the map then I already was.

When did you start performing?
My first performance was in Sherman Theater in stroudsburg PA. I
later went on to performing at One Centre Square opening up for
Skippa da Flippa & Naughty by Nature. I then began performing at
small venues like Revel Social, Hookah House, Bethlehem PA for
their open mic nights.

Name some Hip Hop artist you listened to growing up that
have influenced you musically.

I grew up loving Usher and Chris Brown. I think they are the ones
who influenced me to finally make my transition into making R&B
and soul music.



What kind of deals do you have on the table currently?

Not at this current moment but I am working on a few things for
not only me, but my brand.

What kind of artist would you call yourself?

I would say it's real calm. Something you can vibe out to. You know like
picture this, you're in the car. You and your girl and you got the windows
down to your whip and you hear Jay Laden coming out of your radio and
life is just greta. Yeah that's the type of vibe I'm going for.

What advice would you give aspiring artist? 
Stay consistent keep going no matter what don’t let fear hold you back.
That’s the best advice I can give.

What seperates you from other artists?

I try to stay humble at all times I try not to let the hype gas my head up.

Name some major artist that you’ve performed with.

Skippa da Flippa & Naughty by Nature.

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