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Radio city 2xs , Therphy Thursdays showdown XXl Magazine , The artistry Wit vee henny , Dtf radio with diz the Icon . dsn Radio with Dj drewski , dj scenerio Hot 97.1, 105.1



The Delancy , The Pyrmid Club , The social Butterfly , Milk river , BB Kings , The 5 Spot , Black thorn 51, Open Up For Migos & Meek Mill In South beach Miami in for memorial weekend for the black diva release party in 2017 I've performed inna few different venues while gonna Sony tour in Virginia.


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Tell me a little about yourself.

Im Lanii Lyrik , a female artist from NYC. I was born in the Bronx, but grew up in both Harlem & the Lower East Side. I moved around alot as a kid, but the music passion & what I wanted to do in life followed me everywhere. I started writing short stories & poems when I was just 9 yrs old. I began reading & writing music when I started learning how to play piano my freshman year of High School. I got into writing songs In 2013. I've always enjoyed the culture of music as form of escape from being bullied & a lot of other personal things I was dealing with. Music is a form of therapy, while Inspiring & Uplifting people going through the same. Over the years I’ve been able to create & build my own company to continue to provide inspiration into my community & generation. In 2017 I created & designed my clothing line "Unique Influence ". I wanted to not only brand my music, but also my true motive & purpose. I am a young female putting all the elements of Hip Hop into my vision to create my own legendary legacy & to make a difference through my passion of music .

When did you start performing?
I first started performing as a spoken word artist in the summer of 2006 & started started performing my music in 2014. My first open mic was at "Boogie Mics", in the Bronx with my best friend & 1st music mentor 'Mike Mezzl ' & my brother M.Beast.

Name some artists who have inspired or influenced you.
Some of the artist that inspired me are Queen Latifah, Da Brat, Mc Lite, Erykah Badu, Siya, Lauryn Hill, Nipsey Hussle, Joyner Lucas, Coi Leray, Drake, Eminem, Eve, Rah digga, A Boogie, Naz, Alicia Keys, John Legend ( especially because they play the piano). The entire list would take to long to mention. Music itself has been an inspiration


What kind of deals do you have on the table currently?

I did have an offer from Sony but I've had bad experiences with a few labels that made me decide to stick with my current Independent Company GGMG & continue to build my own label. I didn't accept the offer so I can be in position to offer my own major offers in the near future, not to sound cocky. I honestly feel the industry isn't made for someone like me. So I’d rather stay independent. I don't currently have any other deals on the table at the moment.

How would you describe your style?

I feel I have many different styles of music and fashion. It really all depends on my mood. But overall my style is considered to be real, raw, unique, passionate, versatile. My performance energy also always brings a different energy to my style was well. I like to say my style is "creative melody". Its unable to be copied or impersonated. My style can be conscious, club, pop, r&b, hip hop or whatever the style of genre I'm creating with my songs, my style still pushes a different narrative that catches the attention of any age group or crowd.

6)What advice would you offer other aspiring artists?

My advice to anybody with love n passion for their craft is CONSISTENCY! Work hard & count on Noone. Stay focused on the Win, believe in yourself. Invest in yourself, focus on yourself & practice. Research & educate yourself to know more about what your doing or want to do, don't focus on what others do. Be yourself & Never Give

What seperates you from other artists?

I feel what separates me from other artist most is my creativity, my originality, my flow can be very versatile & my perseverance .

Name some major artist that you’ve performed with.

Cassidy, Maino, Dj Cypha Sounds, Fabolous, Vado, French Montana, Uncle Murda, Jadakiss, Fred The Godson, Dj Self, Drewski, Emez, Hip Hop Mike, Nyla  Simone, Freeway, Styles P, Snype Life, China Lee (Ruff Ryders Radio), Dj Khaled, Young M.A, Jahil Beats, Jack  Thriller, Chris Rivers, Dj Enuff, Nitty Scott, Mickey Factz, Cuddy Rex, Dj Will, Donshea Hopkins, Honey German, Dj Suss One, Trina.

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