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What an amazing year we had in 2021. We set out to provide a platform for independent artists, entrepreneurs, etc. We had a vision and have been blessed to be able to turn thoughts into actions. We have been able to enlighten the public on various subject matters and teach those that are starting out in their careers. Giving them exposure that is so needed. We’ve also experienced what it’s like to be in this industry and have people turn their backs because they don’t recognize you and are not inclined to assist a stranger. So, we decided to create our own lane. Has it been easy no, did we believe in what we are doing and are very passionate about what we believe in. This magazine represents the independence of the masses that are out there. Believing in yourself and understanding that this is your life, and you must work hard to accomplish your goals is the challenge you set for yourself. We have forged alliances with some amazing people such as John Blassingame, SVP Strategic Planning, Caleb Blassingame, Sr. Art Director. We have an amazing array of partners such as DJ Drewski, L’Oreal Luchi, Candy Solid Circle, and Sacha Fierce. We would like to thank the video crew, Rocarazzi (Big Vegg), Video Cincematic (Twan), A1 Production (Moe), and The Craftmakerz (Quan and Dennis) for the amazing visuals they have provided. The genuine support that we have received has been a true blessing and testament to those listed above. We have an array of projects that are set to roll out for 2022. Continue to follow our journey. I guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed. Thank you for your support and thank you for allowing us to entertain you……

IGK 2022 Summer Magazine Digital Version

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