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Long Island NY :Headliner Sobs NYC :
Opener. VC House BK NY : Headliner &
Performer. SXSW Austin Texas :
Performer. A3C Festival ATLANTA
Georgia : Opener. The MockingBird
NYC: Performer. Highbar NYC :
Headliner Parrilla Latina NYC:
Headliner. Aloha Lounge : Performer
M1-5 Lounge : Performer.




Tell me a little about yourself.

My hometown is the Bronx New York. I’ve resided there all my life. I grew up in Edenwald Projects. I am the youngest of five. I play basketball, act, write music and also make beats. I come from a musical background. My mom, sisters & brother all sing/rap. Doing music was a thing I’ve done for fun when I was younger. I started making parody remixes to popular songs, and performed them infant of my friends. Other than basketball, that's what I was known for. I began writing my own original music at a young age. My passion for music has stemmed from poetry. All of my songs are poems that I just put on an instrumental beat. They’re mostly written in conversational form. It feels more personal to me. I write as if I am just venting to one person… either about them or someone else.

When did you start performing?
I started performing in 2017

What artist in the hiphop world influenced you to do music?
Artist that influence me are Drake, 50 Cent and Big Sean.


What kind of deals do you have on the table currently?

Currently no, but I am signed to GGMG management and I know something big is coming real soon.

What kind of artist would you call yourself?

I would describe my style as tom-boy. I like to dress comfortable and according to my mood. I can wear dirty vans, ripped jeans and my hat to the back. On the flip side, I can wear shoes, button ups etc. I depends on where I’m at and what is my current mood.

What advice would you give aspiring artist? 
The main advice I would give aspiring artist is to BE THEMSELVES. Being a musician gives you the opportunity to express yourself to your truest and fullest ability. You can’t please everyone. Everyone is not going to like your music. It shouldn’t matter what people say about you, as long as you’re real with yourself and what you display in your music, more people will respect you and look up to you. It’s okay to get ideas from watching someone you look up to, long as you take from them and turn what you’ve learnt and make it your own.

What seperates you from other artists?

What separates me from everyone else is that I consider myself a poet. In today’s world I would be categorized as a “rapper” so I just go with it. But every song I’ve written is a free verse poem. I write small haikus throughout the day. I can be doing anything and then get a thought and write it down. When I’m at work I write 3/4 lines on a napkin, when I’m driving I write 3/4 more lines on a piece of paper or my hand and then later on put it all together. That’s really how the majority of my songs are made and why each bar may sound as if its a new thought.

Name some major artist that you’ve performed with.

I’ve performed alongside Phresher & Jennaske from Love and Hip Hop New York, Fabolous, Mickey Factz, Rah Digga, Afro B, Casanova, Fatboy SSE, Jaque, Fred Da Godson & Coi Leray.

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