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Tell me a little about yourself.

My Name is Calvin Pratt, However my stage name is Slim
Jackson. I was born 1986, in Brooklyn New York. Due to family
situations I was raised in Harlem. I also lived in Charleston, South
Carolina with my 2 brother's & adopted Mother. But there my
journey didn't last long. Years later we moved back to New York
and that's when I found music or as I like to say music found me.
Music changed my life But being a artist is not easily done for me.
Constantly struggling and trying to provide for my kid, along with
doing music as a career and trying to stay afloat, resulted in
selling drugs for studio time, transportation and food to provide
my family. Along the way I unfortunately got locked up and sent
away, which was a major set back. I still struggle to this day and I
will never be alright with it, but no matter how hard it gets I'm
alright with putting my all in because "i rather Live for something
then die for nothing" especially when it has to do with the things I
love and have a passion for. An ant drowns quicker in water then it does in sugar.

When did you start performing?
My first performance was back in 2014. I performed as an opener
for Uncle Murda & Joell Ortiz at Blackthorn 51. It was a life
changing feeling and I never want to be withheld of having that feeling again.

Growing up listening to hip hop who were biggest influences?
Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Cassidy, Fabolous, Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent, Ace
Hood, The Game, Cee Lo Green, Ludacris, DMX, Mobb Deep, Jay -Z,
were amongst the few Ty grew up listening to and inspiring to be. However
Ty was most inspired by the Pro Era Artist (Dessy Hinds). “I and dessy
used to go to school together after I saw him gaining recognition for his
talent, I decided to pick up a pen a notebook to start writing as well. It also
leads me to do an unfortunate decision of cutting school to be in the studio
to make music. I had to make a tough decision to follow my own dreams or
build someone else's dream.”


What kind of deals do you have on the table currently?

As of right now I am an Official signed artist to GGMG  Enterprises. They have helped manage me and many  other artist. I'll tell you one thing though, with them on  o

my team anything is possible, so don't sleep. 

What kind of artist would you call yourself?

My style is Melodic. I've been told I'm a cross between future and Bone thugs with a twist of southern and east cost flow, just like I mentioned in my answer about who influenced me. I would like to think I stand in a class alone and I’m cool with being there, just like I said
before, I am the wave.

What advice would you give aspiring artist?

Honestly Just be yourself and never give up. No matter what obstacles are in front of you, you’ll get past it but, most importantly show no emotions ever.

What seperates you from other artists?

The best way I can put it is by simply saying, other artist try to keep up with the wave when indeed, I am the wave. 

Name some major artist that you’ve performed with.

​My first time every performing in front of a crowd i was l opening up for a celebrity, Uncle Murda. It was a life changing experience and I promise in 2020, you going to be seeing more of me. 

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