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Tell me a little about yourself.

’m from a small town called Mount Vernon. I was born in Raleigh, NC, but came to NY at only a few months old. My talents started peeking through at the age of only 5. I was known as an “Old Soul “ because of the type of music that I loved. Etta James, Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston Etc. My favorite things growing up was singing, acting & dancing. I had several nicknames in life, but it all wired down to NayBaybee. The name stems from my middle name being “Shonae” and me also having a baby face. While attending Grace Baptist Church my mother signed me up me up for Choir. I earned my first solo at age 7. That’s When I discovered I had a gift. Just hearing music became important to me. My Parents were my biggest fans. At 11yrs my mother died from cancer, leaving only me and my dad. That’s when I knew I had to make it. I started taking music seriously at age 15 where I was apart of a girls group and around that same time I landed my first role in my junior year playing Dorothy from “The Wiz”. From that moment on I wanted this more than

When did you start performing?
I started performing at the age of 10 years old starting with school plays, chorus and band showcases. I won my first Talent Show in the 7th grade. I was singing the famous classic Etta James’ “At Last”. It was shocking to the judges because they had no clue I could “Blow Like That“. Junior year Was a lucky year. Although it was rough for me in Highschool I came across auditions for a new production coming to Mount Vernon Schools Called “The Wiz“ and that is where I got my first official role. The next year I landed a special role in Dreamgirls performing “I Love You I Do“ By Jennifer Hudson. They believed I did so good they wanted me to sing the National Anthem for the school years Teacher’s Convention that takes place every year. I performed in my Highschool with my partner Jay singing Common Ft John Legend “Glory”. Years later after graduating High School I ended up performing with Jay once again and we both decided to take this music thing to a whole new level. Meeting two amazing people who later helped us became apart of a dope team performing at different venues and meeting and networking with people around NYC

Growing up listening to hip hop who were biggest influences?
I would have to say the artist that gave me the most inspiration was Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Brown, & H.E.R. These are people who I watched frequently and followed through their success. This also made me never want to give up!


What kind of deals do you have on the table currently?

Currently I am a signed artist to GGMG enterprises management. I am constantly searching for the next big opportunity though.

What kind of artist would you call yourself?

I'm different. I'm not your average hip hop and r&b type of vibe. You through on a beat , anything and I promise you i can vibe to it. Growing up and having such a diverse background really helped with that and it shows through my music.

What advice would you give aspiring artist? 
After a lifetime of struggles and also achievements I advise other Artist with the same dreams and aspirations as me to never give up there will be cloudy days but you just gotta know the sun will shine again . Also keep a close relationship with God , because His Favor Is Everything .

What seperates you from other artists?

I see myself as a triple threat. I can sing, rap and I can act. Acting is a hidden passion that I have that not alot of people really know about. I have a long history in performing arts however. Growing up and being the lead in many of my school plays i think really molded me as an artist. It definitely taught me that when i hit that stage, its go time. I take that and run with it and I never mind being in the spotlight. Lets just say people do this because they find it as a way out. Well i do this because its a part of me and i don't see myself doing anything else.

Name some major artist that you’ve performed with.

None yet. But i promise you, don’t sleep on me!

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